We aim to raise the tide of global creativity

Do you paint, draw, sculpt, or take pictures as a hobby?*

Do you desire constructive feedback on your art?

Are you tired of seeing jaw-droppingly amazing art online that makes you curl up in the fetal position in the hope that it will all go away?

Share Anonymously...

We're building Creatabu to help people that are casually creative share their art. We hope that by providing an anonymous environment, you can share your art comfortably with the other casual creatives out there.

...To Get Constructive Feedback...

We've also added some technology to monitor and reward constructive feedback, so that you can build your confidence and not be subjected to trolls and other counter-productive internet behavior.**

...From People Just Like You.

Let's build a community of casually creative people together, so that you have a haven where you can get feedback and input from people that are in the same boat as you.

And Finally -- Keep on creating!

We want to help you build your artistic confidence and get you creating as frequently as possible. We'll take the time to find and showcase tools, tips, and other things that will help you do so.

* or illustrate, doodle, sketch, crochet, knit, sew, cook, mold, play with Play-Doh, or anything else that you feel is creative.

** interesting aside - Albert Einstein wrote to Marie Curie to encourage her to ignore trolls (reptiles - his word) that were taunting her. Fascinating...and what a stand up guy (as if we didn't know)!